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Finished Dosage Forms
  • Sodium Ibandronate Injection
    1. Dosage:Injection
    2. Strength:1mg:1ml, 2mg:2ml, 3mg:3ml, 4mg:4ml, 6mg:6ml
    3. Shelf life:24 months
    4. Brief introduction:Indicated for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
    5. Manufacturer:Chengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
  • Ubenimex Capsules
    1. Dosage:Capsules
    2. Strength:10mg, 30mg
    3. Shelf life:36 months
    4. Brief introduction:An adjunct to chemotherapy agents to extend survival and to maintain remission after treatment for acute non-lymphocytic leukemia in adults.
    5. Manufacturer:Chengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
  • Capecitabine Tablets
    1. Dosage:Capsules
    2. Strength:0.5g
    3. Shelf life:24 months
    4. Brief introduction:Deemed to have completed the Quality Consistency Evaluation; It is indicated as a single agent for adjuvant treatment in patients with Dukes' C colon cancer,and for treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal carcinoma, metastatic breast cancer, advanced or metastatic gastric cancer and combined adjuvant treatment after an operation (see Package Leaflet for details).
    5. Manufacturer:Chengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.